Packing list

* IMPORTANT * Keep in mind when packing : the dogs will transport all the equipment in the mountains. By respect for them, try to be as light as possible! "City clothes" are not needed during our trips, and duffel bags are much more convenient than suit-cases to bring on the sled.

  • a balaclava or a very warm beanie
  • a cap for the sun
  • a scarf, type "buff"
  • a ski mask against drifting snow
  • sunglasses (category 4 with UV filter, useful from February)
  • thermal under-wears, 1st and 2nd layers. Wool is the best!
  • 2 or 3 shirts or thin sweaters
  • a very thick sweater, wool or fleece
  • a windstopper / windproof jacket
  • a big down jacket (or lined anorak) with a large hood
  • spare under-wears
  • 2 long pants / ski underwear, a thin & a thick one
  • a sports / hiking pant, elastic and breathable fabric
  • ski-pants (windproof over-trousers)
  • a pair of ski socks, plus 4 extra pairs of different thickness
  • a pair of insulated winter boots with thick soles, (for example "Sorel Caribou") with room for 2 pairs of thick socks. (can be borrowed on request)
  • 1 pair of sneakers or "crocs" for the huts
  • under-gloves (silk)
  • wind-stopper ski gloves, to get the dogs in and out of the harnesses
  • windproof thick mittens (eventually in down)
  • a set of "hand-warmers"
Technical Equipment
  • duffel bag or backpack (no suit-case!)
  • a winter sleeping bag (-30°) or autumn sleeping bag (-10°) in combination with an extra sleeping bag from us (can be borrowed on request)
  • a sleeping mat, preferably 60cm wide
  • toiletries (towel, small soap, toothpaste & toothbrush), a pack of wet wipes
  • a headlamp with lithium or alkaline batteries (better at low temperatures), and a set of extra batteries
  • a thermos bottle (1L minimum), no camel bag
  • a pocket knife with protection for the blade
  • matches, lighter
  • spare energy bars "in case"
  • a mini-individual pharmacy with sunscreen (from march - SPF 20 minimum), lipstick, paracetamol, ear plugs, spare prescription glasses & contact lenses, personal medicine
  • a waterproof plastic for ID / passport, insurance, money
  • photographic equipment, plus spare batteries (lithium Best low temperatures)
  • power-bank to charge your electronic devices
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