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General guidelines for responsible care taking and dog-welfare at our kennel :

  • Feeding : 2 times per day, water always available in summertime and a warm soup rich in calories in winter time. Dogs are fed with the highest available quality of dog food (Royal Canin 4800 Sporting Life Energy combined with high quality fish & meat). Calorie intake is adjusted to the specific needs of each individual dog and to their level of activity.
  • Cleaning of the kennel : minimum 2 times per day
  • Adequate Shelter : each dog have their own doghouse, that gives proper protection against the weather. We have a special room, where dogs that need this can sleep inside.
  • Good living area : dogs are living 2 and 2 in large pens. They have the possibility to live alone in a pen when needed.
  • Playing area : big running area with a fence, where the dogs can run loose, socialise and play with each other.
  • Responsible breeding : pens where females on heat are kept separately from the males. All puppy litters are given loads of attention and care from Day 1, of course the necessary vaccines. We breed dogs for our own kennel, and not for sale. Most of our dogs are grown up at the kennel and have spent all their life with us as family members.
  • Veterinary attention : all dogs have necessary vaccines, health certificates, deworming. We have un-noticed and un-announced visits at our kennel regularly from the Norwegian Animal Health Authorities. We use the services of 2 veterinaries, who know the dogs since they are born. They follow up and monitor our kennel with visits and services regularly. They are available on call 24h / 7days a week.
  • Training and activity : huskies are high level athletes, that need a lot of activity. Our dogs are out running 5 days a week in the autumn and winter season. In the summer they enjoy our big playing area. We ensure that the dogs are properly trained for the activities they take part in. We never ask the dogs for more than they can manage, and adapt the running to their individual needs.
  • Socialisation : our dogs are socialised with people from the day they are born, and have a lot of human contact. They are a part of our family, and we don’t have more dogs than we can have a personal relation with. For us it is very important that all our dogs are treated like individuals : they all know their names, and happily run to us when we call them.
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