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In the land of the Northern Lights & Midnight sun, discover the authentic life on a small-scale kennel, with Espen & Delphine and their 25 Alaskan huskies! At the heart of the Arctic, among taïga forests, wild rivers and exposed mountains, this is the best starting point to explore the finest landscapes of northern Norway. A warm welcome in a beautiful setting awaits you! 

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Vår restaurant er tilgjengelig for alle boende hos oss. Vel bekomme!


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About us

Founded on the combination of traditional Norwegian outdoor lifestyle and French "à la carte" tours, we are specialized in tailor-made high quality tours, at the heart of Northern Norway.

For over 15 years, we have been offering short and long breaks for individuals, families and groups from all over the world, both for leisure and professional purposes. We are specifically organising well-prepared and eco-responsible trips to remote places of northern Norway and Svalbard. Our journey takes us by dogsled, skis, canoe, sailboat or simply hiking, to experience and observe the nature, culture and inspiring landscapes that only a few other people visit.     

We offer a  variety of options, to show the very best that our region has to offer in terms of nature, culture, heritage, nature, and food. Whether you are an established group or individual travellers, just tell us what you want to do, where/when you want to go, and we take care of the rest!

You are welcome to get in touch, we customize your next holiday "à la carte"!


Espen grew up in northern Norway, and has always had a special and strong relationship with nature. Since childhood, his parents took him on Nordic skis, visiting reindeer herders all through the region.

In addition to his Ranger studies, he is also specialized in Nature and Cultural History and is a Certified Canoe Instructor. He accomplished several 2 to 3 months expeditions skiing, canoeing and with his dogs, in Norway and Canada.

He worked for 10 years as a Location Scout at Filmcamp, a regional infrastructure that accommodates movies, feature films and TV productions. He recently became leader of the Regional Council for Outdoor Sports, but chose to restart his own activity after meeting Delphine.

With him, be sure to be in very good hands to explore the wildest side of Norway!

Delphine is originally from Grenoble, "the capital of the Alps". She is a Merchant navy Officer, a hyperbaric diver in submarine works, and graduated in Environmental management.

Delphine has many hours of sailing behind her, also as one of the 1st women working aboard the 3 masted barque "Belem", the tour of the North Atlantic aboard a wooden schooner of the French Navy, circumnavigating Spitsbergen aboard a research vessel with the Norwegian University, and a dozen crossings of the Barentz Sea.

Her passion for remote areas led her to the Spitsbergen archipelago, 1000 km from the North Pole, where she spent a winter in the polar night working with huskies. She fell in love with these endearing pack-dogs and met Espen at a local race called "Trapper's trail".

They quickly decided to organise adventures together, promoting responsible, small-scale, intimate and tailor-made experiences!

Our dogs

Visiting us here atour little Husky-Farm any time of the year, is a genuine experience in itself! Say hello to our 25 friendly Alaskan huskies, that are ready for action! They are pack-dogs characterised by their function - and not their pedigree. Trained to be in contact with many different people, they are highly friendly with humans.

Raised for their strength, agility and stamina, they have an excellent ability to work in group. Their name comes from the US, where during the Gold Rush, at the end of the 19th century, husky-type dogs were crossed with local dogs, american-indian dogs, and other european dogs, in order to improve their performances. These multiple crosses explain their different looks. Their color being the least significant matter, we have Alaskan Huskies of all aspects and styles! But most importantly : they are top level athletes, affectionate, hardworking and resistant to the cold!

Sustainable tourism : our philosophy

Our philosophy : our mission is to inspire you, excite you and engage you into our world. We want our guests to feel richer in friends & experiences when leaving us. We are truly passionate about what we do, and we will try to share that feeling with you! Visiting us, we want you to feel more as friend, and not as a part of a "mass tourism" attraction.

We believe in sustainable tourism. We are committed to making a low impact on the environment, while ensuring a positive experience for our guests. To take full account of our impacts, here are some of our personal choices :

✔ travel with dogs : clean, silent and close to nature. Our dogs belong to the north, and leave only their tracks behind them. With them, our guests enjoy uncompromised nature - without noise or pollution.

✔ minimal impact : our philosophy is to travel light, making as invisible footsteps as possible. We put a special effort in having a minimal impact in our natural surroundings.

✔ meaningful experience : we work hard to ensure a meaningful experience, provide excellent hospitality and maintain a high level of satisfaction among our guests, raising and promoting sustainable tourism practices.

✔ inspiration : we get inspired by the leaders in the dogsledding community, to be at the forefront with our dogs. We socialize them in a large running pen adjacent to our dog yard. We host a yearly dog-mushers meeting, who gathers more than 100 people and several hundred dogs at our place, every September, together with local dog-mushing organisations.

✔ guests with special needs : we believe that disabilities and handicap are not an obstacle to take part in outdoor activities. Guests with special needs are welcome to join our trips, and we will do our best to adapt the activity. We are proud to organise special events and holidays for such groups.

✔ cultural heritage : we are involved in conservation projects using traditional building techniques, such as the rebuilding of a traditional Sami pit-house on Senja and collecting birch bark for traditional thatched roofs, together with local museums and organisations.

food & waste : depending on the season, we serve local products, anytime it's possible. This includes homemade bread, vegetables from the garden and locally harvested animals, such as reindeer and moose. We practice selective sorting of our waste into 6 different bins ; glass, cardboard, cans, metal, compost and ordinary.


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