Equipment and Packing list

* IMPORTANT * Keep in mind when packing : travelling with the dogs or by sailboat, try to be as light as possible! 'City clothes' and suit-cases are not needed, please bring a duffel bag.


Equipment package - Nok 1800 / week

  • Lined expedition boots "Torvi" -30°C (320 nok/week)
  • Lined expedition mittens "Hestra" (150 nok/week)
  • Expedition jacket with a big hood (420 nok/week)
  • Thermo ski pant (280 nok/week)
  • Thermal sleeping mat (100 nok/week)
  • Winter sleeping bag (430 nok/week)
  • Duffel bag "North Face" type (200 nok/week)



  • a balaclava (or very warm beanie)
  • sunglasses (category 4 with UV filter) and a cap for the sun (February to October)
  • a scarf, "buff" type
  • a ski mask against drifting snow


  • thermal under-wears, 1st and 2nd layers, in wool!
  • 2 or 3 shirts or thin sweaters
  • a very thick sweater, wool or fleece
  • a windstopper / windproof jacket
  • a big down jacket (or lined anorak) with a large hood
  • spare under-wears


  • 2 long pants / ski underwear, a thin & a thick one
  • a sports / hiking pant, elastic and breathable fabric
  • ski-pants (windproof over-trousers)


  • a pair of ski socks, plus 4 extra pairs of different thickness
  • a pair of insulated winter boots with thick soles, (for example "Sorel Caribou") with room for 2 pairs of thick socks.
  • 1 pair of sneakers or "crocs"


  • working-gloves to handle the dogs (they can be dirty)
  • windproof thick mittens (eventually in down)
  • sets of hand-warmers

Technical equipment

  • duffel bag (no suit-case or backpack)
  • a winter or autumn sleeping bag (-10°) and inner sleeping-bag
  • a sleeping mat, 60cm wide
  • toiletries (towel, small soap, toothpaste & toothbrush), a pack of wet wipes
  • a headlamp with lithium or alkaline batteries (better at low temperatures), and a set of extra batteries
  • a thermos bottle (1L minimum), no camel bag
  • a pocket knife with protection for the blade
  • matches, lighter
  • spare energy bars "in case"
  • a mini-individual pharmacy with sunscreen (from march - SPF 20 minimum), lipstick, paracetamol, ear plugs, spare prescription glasses & contact lenses, personal medicine
  • a waterproof plastic for ID / passport, insurance, money
  • photographic equipment & spare batteries (lithium for low temperatures)
  • power-bank to charge your electronic devices
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