Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for activities / accommodation / rental at OffTrack Experience

1. Agreement

Unless a separate written agreement is made, this is a binding agreement between OffTrack Experience (hereafter referred to as The arranger) and the customer (referred to as The client). Otherwise, all laws and regulations relating to tourism in Norway & Svalbard apply for package tours and other travel with OffTrack Experience.

2. Booking

When the arranger sends booking confirmation to the client, the booking is considered to have been accepted unless the client gives notice in writing immediately concerning discrepancies or errors in the booking.

3. Payment 

Bookings are paid via Bank transfer or Credit card.

Reservations under Nok 10.000, - and reservations made online will be charged in full immediately. 

Reservations above Nok 10.000,- will be charged 20% at the booking date, and fully paid 3 months before the activity.

4. Cancellation rules 

Only written cancellations are valid. There will not be given any refund due to flight cancellation, lack of a valid driver’s licence / passport or sickness. We recommend our customers to always book their own additional personal travel insurance in case of cancellations. Ask your insurance company for more information.

  • Cancellations made 6 months or more prior to activities are refunded 100%.
  • Cancellations made between 6 and 3 months prior to activities are refunded 80% of total amount.
  • Cancellations made between 3 and 1 months prior to activities are refunded 20% of total  amount.
  • Cancellations made 1 months prior to activities are not refunded.

5. Program changes on a guided tour

Circumstances such as extreme temperatures and rapid changes in the weather can force changes in our programs in order to ensure the safety of our guests. In case of unforeseen circumstances/weather conditions affecting routes relating to the programme, refunds of any amount will not be given. The safety of our guests is always our first priority. OffTrack Experience also reserves the right to cancel the activity if the required minimum number of participants is not reached or when the conditions are considered unsafe. In this case the clients get a full refund.

6. Responsibility and liability

Participants are responsible for evaluating whether they are physically and mentally prepared for participation in the booked activities. Participants must obey and adhere to all instructions issued by our tour guides. OffTrack Experience reserves the right to refuse participation on trips if the participant is considered a threat to safety. In that case the participant will get 50% refund of total amount.

During our activities, participants shall not be under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants. If damage to the equipment occurs due to negligent driving, the customer can be held responsible and liable.

7. Complaint

If the client wishes to make a complaint against the product, this should be discussed with OffTrack Experience at the earliest opportunity. If the issue cannot be resolved, and the client wishes to complain, this must happen as soon as possible after the activity. The complaint must be in writing and no later than one month after the date of the booked activity / accommodation / rental.

8. Insurance

OffTrack Experience activities are covered by a liability insurance with our insurance company. OffTrack Experience is under no circumstances liable for accidents, injuries, damages or loss which is outside the company’s control.

9. Misprint and price changes

OffTrack Experience is not responsible for typographical errors, and reserves the right to change the program and adjust prices without further notice.

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