Artist Residency

OffTrack Experience offers artists the opportunity to enter a residency at our Husky lodge.

Historically, during polar expeditions, artists joined in order to document the journey - pictorially or literally. OffTrack Experience modernises this role by inviting artists to reveal a different perspective on our journeys with guests.

What is the concept?

We offer artists an opportunity to contemplate, concentrate and work, and to benefit from inspiring living and working conditions. The residency offers time and space in a contemplative environment to think, create, and connect. The invited artist stays by us for one week or more, depending on the project, and might interact with guests. The artist donates to the the place an artwork, a legacy of their stay, and thus contributes to the development of the site. Our farm is well suited for outdoor work!

Duration of residency : 1 to 2 weeks

Practical facilities offered to the artists : private room, kitchen, internet (Not included : travel, food, supplies)

What fields are concerned?

We accept any type of discipline, whether it is circus, painting, illustration drawing, sculpture, literature and of course, photography. Would you like to stay as an artist at OffTrack Experience, obtain more information on the conditions or submit a project? Contact us at!

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