log-house, dog-yard Cabin & tree-tents

Welcome to Svenborg! We live in the forest, 20km from Bardufoss and 1km from the Målselva river. Here we have 3 possibilities for cosy and personal accommodations : in a hand-made log house, at the husky lodge or by the tree-tents!

All of them are nice and cosy, which is one of the reasons why so many are visiting us. They are built following the unique log construction culture of northern Norway.

The other buildings are the farmhouse where we live, the old barn where we store equipment and dog-food, and the handlers cabin. In addition, we have a sauna, 2 Sami tents and a chalet 5km away up the mountains.

Dream place to enjoy intimate holidays away from hustle and bustle, it is also ideal to admire Northern Lights from October to March. Welcome!


The log house

It is 120m² and holds 7 beds (up to 10 persons). There are 2 bedrooms, a mezzanine, a fully equipped kitchen and a big bathroom. Built and furnished by Espen & Delphine in a unique atmosphere, with lots of details about the local life, reindeer herding and arctic adventures. It's possible to park right in front of the stairs, and from the bedrooms there's a nice view over the forest. Wireless internet access.

The dogyard cabin.

It is recommended for people with a special interest in dogs, as it stands right in the middle of our dog-yard, with 360° "dog-view". 2 bedrooms (3 beds, up to 4 persons), fully equipped kitchen and  bathroom. Living room 30m².  Wireless internet access.

The tree-tents

At the edge of the hill, this is the nicest view of the farm over the mountains! We recommend it to the most outdoorsy people, as there is no running water nor electricity. It has only one room (one double bed + bunk bed) and the 2 tree-tents stand right outside the door (max 6 persons). Outdoor toilet, no internet.


Activities : with nature at the door steps, our playgroud is unlimited!

- Alapen mountains (1500m) and good (ice) fishing lakes

- Målselv river - one of the best salmon rivers in Norway

- Polarpark, world's northernmost animal park

- Senja and Tamok valley 60km away

- Målselv fjellandsby ski resort

We leave nearby with 35 friendly huskies, they will love meeting you! We are as helpful as possible, and can advise on places to visit & much more : just get in touch!

Prices (3 nights, 1 activity)

1 to 2 persons - 7900,- kr

3 to 4 persons - 12500,- kr

5 to 6 persons - 17000,- kr

7 to 8 persons - 22500,- kr

*New Year's Eve & Christmas : please get in touch! *

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