Being a handler and guide with us

Hello! Thank you for your interest to be part of our lifestyle! Our team consists of 4-5 two legged and 35 - 40 well trained Alaskan huskies, plus 1 litter of young dogs in early education. We also have cats, chickens & pigs who need daily care. IMPORTANT :

1. Minimum stay 2 months, preferably longer - it takes a while to learn the routines and animals individually.

2. To apply you must be a legal citizen of a EU country, or have a work holiday visa.

3. Carpenters and experienced dog-persons are always welcome!

❄ INTERESTED? We look for somebody interested to establish with us as a guide, and work with sleddogs over a longer period of time. Life on a farm involves various tasks, which can be repetitive but also fulfilling for the right person. Seeking motivated, positive and hard-working persons : it's not a 9 to 5 job but our lifestyle! It’s important that you are flexible, and so are we, as it is generally long days, with a rustic lifestyle. Couples are welcome to apply. You will also receive working clothes, holiday allowance and full health coverage under our company insurance.

❄ VOLUNTEER (HANDLER) We offer room and board, a lot of unforgettable experiences with our huskies, and an insight into the life in the North. Help with daily routines at the farm like animals feeding, guest-house cleaning, snow plowing...

❄ FARM WORKER (GUIDE ASSISTANT / GUEST HOUSE HOST / BUILDING ASSISTANT) We offer room, board and a monthly remuneration to the right person who is willing to commit for the season (sept-april), take responsibilities and initiatives, and get involved within various projects : co-guiding, guesthouse host, cook, building assistant in the summer...


- Animals-lover
- English speaking
- Handy / practical mindset
- Driving licence
- Independent with laundry & food


- Experience in driving tractors and quadbikes
- Carpentry - building - fencing - forestry skills
- Experience with animal care and/or tourism


Your CV and previous experiences
A few sentences about yourself, where you’re coming from, why to join our team?
Possible dates
Allergies or dietary restrictions
Language skills

There will be a 2 weeks trial period. Please recognise that the work on a  farm can be hard, especially in November-January when the temperatures are below - 15°. The animals have to be fed and the cleaning has to be done at fix time, irrelevant how the weather is.

❄ ABOUT US We are a small Norwegian - French family living beyond the polar circle, together with our 39 Alaskan huskies.

Espen is an experienced outdoor guide, 5 times finisher of Europe's longest sled dog race. He is also canoe instructor and has  taken part in several monthly expeditions. Thanks to his knowledge of our region, it is a pleasure for him to explain about his home mountains. Espen's kids are 14 and 11, they live with us part time.

Delphine is a skipper passionate about the Arctic. She has explored the region by boat for the last 10 years, taking groups on expeditions through northern Norway and Spitzbergen. She used to live in Spitzbergen, where she still spends some summer months. Delphine and Espen have organised trips together for 5 years.

❄ OUR ACTIVITY We offer outdoor adventures to our guests. Mainly with our dogs, but also sailing, canoeing, hiking, skiing... Our activities are very seasonal :

August - November : full time dog-training on kart and quad. Production of firewood. Picking and preparing berries, mushrooms, moose meat and pig meat.

December - January : co-guiding dogsledding trips, snow-plowing, guest-house host (cooking, cleaning).

February - April : assistant with logistics around long trips from the the farm. Possibility to join some expeditions as assistant guide and cook. We can be away for some weeks, so you shall be self-driven.  

May - August : tidying after snow melting, firewood, carpenting, fencing, harvesting (birch bark), building and restoration of local/traditional cultural heritage, fixing and painting at the farm.

❄ GETTING THERE - AIRPORTS Bardufoss (BDU) is the closest airport, about 20 minutes from our farm, time table on from Oslo

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