Being a handler with us


1/ Because of the Covid-19 situation, we only take applications from people who are ALREADY in Norway.
2/ Carpenters and people experienced with animals are always welcome!   
3/ We do not take volunteers to help us "only" with the dogs - but in priority with farm maintenance, building and helping in our guest-house. The dog training and trips are a reward to everybody after a good day of work!!

We are looking for an enthusiastic, hardworking person to assist us with animal care, guest-house & carpentry at OffTrack Experience Husky Farm. Couples are welcome to apply if you fulfill the required skillset. We are not living a square lifestyle so you will have to be flexible - and so are we!

We are a Norwegian - French family living together with our 35 dogs. Espen is a 5 times finisher of Europe's longest sled dog race. He is an experienced outdoor guide and has also taken part in expeditions to Spitsbergen, Canada, South America. Espen's kids are 14 and 10, they live with us part time. Delphine is a skipper specialised in the Arctic waters. She has explored the region by boat for the last 10 years, taking groups on expeditions through northern Norway and Spitzbergen. We have organised trips together for 4 years.

Our team consists of 3-4 humans, 35 dogs, 10 chickens and 2 cats - who need daily love and care.

You will need:
- a good level of spoken english
- be both independent and enjoy teamwork
- have a hardworking and enthusiastic attitude

Added bonus if you have:
- experience in driving tractors/quad bikes
- carpentry/building and forestry skills
- experience with huskies and animal care

What we can offer you:
- you will receive a small allowance each month to cover your expenses. You will also receive holiday allowance and full health coverage under our company insurance. We can offer accommodation at the kennel, you need to provide your own food.
- full training into the running of a husky kennel, animal care and welfare and sled-dog training
- on-site accommodation
- working clothes
- use of a car (this does not include fuel costs)

Time frame and duration:
- Minimum 2 weeks (so you can get used to the routines with the dogs)

When you apply, please describe your experience in the following skills :

- forestry work
- carpentry
- electrics
- fencing
- driving a tractor
- dogs (sled dogs)
- animal care
- tourism
Please add any extra info that you feel may be relevant to your application :)


Wake up and grab some breakfast, before throwing on your ‘dog clothes’ and receiving a warm welcome from your new furry friends. Our morning routines with the animals are always the same, feeding, cleaning, picking poo and preparing the evening meal. After these tasks are completed grab a well earned cup of coffee and discuss with us the plan for the day. This can involve some dog training, painting, processing firewood and working on general maintenance around the farm.

You will be taught about feeding and snacking the dogs, how to prepare the meals, etc... This includes learning how to assess the physical condition of huskies and understanding how the feeding program changes over the year with the level of activity of the dogs and weather. Regular tasks like claw clipping, paws and health checks will also be covered.

We love to work with people who are efficient, passionate and see the funny side of life when things don’t go as planned. You will be working alongside us, and spending a lot of time together in a remote location. It is important that you enjoy the social side of things, and can get on easily with people.

After a few hours of hard work, enjoy lunch with us. This is often eating together in the main farmhouse, but also eating expedition food together with guests by the campfire, taking in the views of the beautiful scenery that is our ‘playground’ here in north Norway!

We sometimes eat together in the evenings, or you may prefer to pack a sandwich and take a hike up the mountains with a dog, to watch the sunset over another tough but satisfying day!


Bardufoss (BDU) is the closest airport, about 20 minutes from our lodge, time table on from Oslo


We provide accommodation in a tiny house (or a rustic cabin in the woods) near the dogyard. It's small and cosy, and has everything needed : electricity, radiator, wood-stove, kitchenette. It can host a couple, so you can apply per pair.

Dry toilets accessible outside. Bathroom facilities shared in our house. We usually eat breakfast and dinner separately, and lunch together. We sometimes share meal preparations : everyone is welcome to share their cooking skills, new tastes are always welcome!

"Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it!"

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