Artist Residency

OffTrack Experience offers artists the opportunity to enter an artist residency at our little husky farm : welcome!

Historically, during polar expeditions, artists joined in order to transcribe the journey, pictorially or literally. We modernise this role by inviting artists to awaken a different perspective at our husky farm!


The artist lives on spot during a week or more, and interacts with guests. He / she bequeaths to the the farm a work, a legacy of his passage and thus contributes to the developpement of the place.

We accept any type of discipline, whether it is photography, painting, illustration drawing, literature, etc...

This is an exchange : the artist is hosted at the farm and use the place to get inspired by the local nature, culture and human encounters. The artist leaves to the farm a piece of art as a legacy of his stay : photography, calendar or other project - to be discussed together.

Bedroom and joining on some of the trips are included (dogsledding, rafting, dogkarting depending on the season...)

Food and transport to the farm are excluded.

To obtain submit a project, you are welcome to contact us at!

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