Being a handler with us

Hello! Thank you for your interest to be part of our lifestyle and little team.


1/ We only take applications from legal citizens of EU countries, or who have a working holiday in Norway (Canada, Australia, New Zealand).

2/ We do not take volunteers to help us "only" with the dogs - but in priority with farm maintenance, building and helping in our guest-house. The dog training and trips are a reward to everybody after a good day of work!!

3/ Carpenters and experienced dog-persons are always welcome!


Life on a farm involves one million various tasks, which can be very fulfilling for the right person!

Seeking motivated, positive and hard-working volunteers : our days are 10 to 14 hours long, with a rustic lifestyle. It's not a 9 to 5 job but our lifestyle! It’s important that you are flexible, and so are we, as it will generally be long days..

In winter only, we can offer a remuneration to an experienced handler who will stay from the start of the training (mid-august) to the end of the dogsledding season (march) and get involved in all the other tasks at the farm (guest-house, building...).

In summer we take volunteers around carpentry projects, firewood, simple dog-care and maintenance of the farm.

We offer room and board, a lot of unforgettable experiences with our huskies, and an insight into the life in the North!


  • Dog-lover + handy with tools
  • 2 months stay mini, preferably longer - it takes a while until you know the dogs individually good enough to take care of them the best possible way.
  • Driving licence to be autonomous with shopping
  • Independent with laundry and cooking
  • English language : we mostly speak English together but also some Norwegian and French

Due to our multiple activities, we can be away for some weeks, so you should be able to take initiatives and self-driven. It's not a 9 to 5 job but our lifestyle! It’s important that you are flexible, and so are we, as it is generally long days.

Regarding your application, when you look at the activities listed above, how would you prioritise your time with us?

75% outdoor - 25% indoor

75% indoor - 25% outdoor

50% indoor/outdoor

Please say something about this when you apply. It is important for us to understand your wishes and to be able to put together the best team!


  • Possible dates
  • A few sentences about yourself, where you’re coming from, why to join our team?
  • Previous experiences
  • Allergies or dietary restrictions
  • Language skills

There will be a 2 weeks trial period, after which we can both decide about next steps! Please recognise that the work on a husky farm can be hard sometimes, especially in winter when the temperatures are low (- 20°). The dogs have to be fed every day, the cleaning has to be done irrelevant how the weather is.


We are a small Norwegian - French family living beyond the polar circle, together with our 35 Alaskan huskies.

Espen (50) is a 5 times finisher of Europe's longest sled dog race. He is a canoe instructor and an experienced outdoor guide and has also taken part in several expeditions to Spitsbergen, Canada and South America. Thanks to his deep knowledge of the region, it is a pleasure for him to explain about his home mountains. Espen's kids are 13 and 10, they live with us every 2nd week.

Delphine (34) is a skipper passionate about Arctic waters. She has an education as Officer in the merchant navy. She has explored the region by boat for the last 10 years, taking groups on expeditions through northern Norway and Spitzbergen. She used to live in Spitzbergen, where she still spends some summer months. Delphine and Espen have organised trips together for 4 years.

Our team consists of 4-5 two legged and 35 - 40 well trained Alaskan huskies for day and week tours, plus 1 - 2 litters of puppies in early education. We also have cats, chickens & goats who need daily care.


We offer outdoor adventures to our guests. Mainly with our dogs, but also hiking, canoeing, sailing, skiing... Depending on the season our activities vary :

SPRING April - June

Dogsledding and sailing week-trips ; it will be some opportunities to come along!

  • Work in the dog yard, morning & evening
  • Tidying up after snow melting, chopping and collecting firewood for next winter
  • Planting seeds in the garden : flowers, potatoes, carrots...
  • Small repairs and painting
  • Shopping in Rundhaug / Bardufoss, we therefore ask that you have a driver license

SUMMER June - August

We work with carpentry, building and restoring. The works are the maintenance of our farm and dog-yard (fencing, dog-houses), and look after the dogs (feeding, exercise), it's the dogs holidays. We do general gardening, vegetable garden, picking berries & mushrooms, make juice and marmelade. Be aware that we get lots of mosquitoes from mid June until the end of July!

AUTUMN August - November

Dog-training starts in August. In September we get the first guests on dog-karting tours, and we are busy with tours and expeditions until the beginning of May. We train the dogs when it is below +12 C. We use a ATV vehicle and a cart until the snow comes. We need a handler for the training, that can stay during the winter-season.

Chopping and collecting firewood, preparing sleds and lines for the winter, picking berries & mushrooms, making juice and marmelade, prepare moose meat that Espen and Delphine brings from hunting, cleaning the guest-house between groups.

WINTER November - April

in winter, as soon as the snow comes (novembre to May), we are busy with dogsledding day-trips. We provide active holidays, day-trips, overnight tours and expeditions with sled dogs and by boat, for adventurous guests from all over the world. We need a good handler/ guide (possible paid position) that already knows the dogs :

  • Work in the dog yard, morning & evening
  • Repair dog-houses, sleds etc. Prepare for the sled tours
  • Clean and prepare the log-house between groups
  • Help with building projects
  • Serve dinner and meals to guests
  • Shopping in Rundhaug / Bardufoss, we therefore ask that you have a driver license


Bardufoss (BDU) is the closest airport, about 20 minutes from our lodge, time table on from Oslo

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